Current Dogs

The dogs on this page are the current “TEAM BHULISA” dogs we are hunting, competing, breeding with and loving! We also include some dogs that we don’t personally own, but are owned by others who are committed to building a stronger line of dogs with us! We are indebted to our friends who have joined us on this journey! Click on the dog’s name to see the pedigree!

FT Ch & Sh Ch Gamehunters Taita of Bhulisa
Bhulisa Cocoa Hill NA SA-D1, SA-N3
Bhulisa Gundula J
Owned by Rooies Dorland
FT Ch Gamehunters Gwaihir
Owned by Arnold Slabbert
Bhulisa Dornier SA-D1, SA-N2

Owned by Rooies Dorland
Bhulisa Ulrich
Bhulisa Katana NA
Bhulisa Edelweiss NA
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