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  • COCOA wins 1st Certificate of Merit at the Border Field Trial Club CHAMPIONSHIP STAKE running in a field of 56 qualified dogs! This is a huge achievement – the first time ever in 75 years for a GSP to feature in this big sky partridge trial!
  • FRANK wins COM2 in the OPEN STAKE at the Overberg HPR Field Trial!
  • LOLA wins 2nd Place in the WCFTC British Breeds Field Trial CHAMPIONSHIP STAKE
  • COCOA wins 3rd Place in the WCFTC British Breeds Field Trial MAIDEN STAKE – qualifying her to run in Championship Stake. She then wins a Certificate of Merit (COM4) in the CHAMPIONSHIP Stake!
  • FRANK wins a COM4 in the WCFTC British Breeds Field Trial MAIDEN STAKE – qualifying him to run in Championship Stakes. He then gets a COM2 in the CHAMPIONSHIP Stake!


Nat FT CH Bhulisa Tequila SA-D1, SA-N1

See pedigree
Tequila and Andrew have achieved incredible things together! Tequila is Andrew’s first GSP and it’s something of a “Cinderella” story. Tequila was destined for another owner, but could not be sent to him due to lockdown in 2020. Andrew offered to foster him until he could fly up to the new owner. Time went on…..and the two became inseparable. That was that! Since then it’s been one amazing ride. He breezed through the SA-Derby and Novice Versatile Tests with Prize 1s. Then in his first field trial he won the Derby and Maiden Stake, getting a COM in the Open Stake in the process! That qualified him to run in the HPR National Championships! In 2022 he again placed in the Open Stake and went on the WIN the Nationals! This year he won the Overberg/VPDC HPR Open Stake, continuing to show that he is a strong contender in all respects.
Tequila has a wonderful temperament and lives to please Andrew. It’s a mutual admiration society 🙂 Congratulations to both of them!

Bhulisa Cocoa Hill NA SA-D1, SA-N3

See pedigree…
From the start, Cocoa impressed me with her abilities and intelligence. She always tries to do the right thing and learns very quickly, but in some ways was a bit of a late maturer. NOT SO NOW! Her progress since turning 18 months has been exponential, and now at just over 2 years of age she is a force to be reckoned with. She has a brilliant nose, hunting ability, retrieving and an amazing ability to work birds for the gun – all in a calm package with a lovable temperament. I’m looking forward to seeing her continued progress!
Cocoa is an outstanding Shorthair true to type and function, and has already made a mark in only her first 3 field trials. She is very competitive, winning awards in Championship Stakes at a young age. She will continue to run in field trials and will test in the SA-Elite Versatile Test later this year.

Bhulisa Dornier SA-D1, SA-N2

A littermate to Cocoa, Frank carries similar qualities. These were an expected outcome of their breeding – we brought back two key dogs via frozen semen we imported nearly 25 years ago to produce them! Their sire is a German-bred dog (DC Bodo vom Waldrand MH) that was imported to the USA, where he became a field champion in their highly competitive environment. Their great grandsire is DC (USA) Trekker v Grunbaum HOF. They are nearly 2/3rds German/DK breeding, combined with proven trial dogs from the USA and our locally proven bloodlines – representing what we have always striven to achieve: true versatility with exciting field performance!
Frank is a magnificent specimen with all the qualities that make up a great hunting companion. He already has field trial awards in HPR Open stakes and BB Championship stakes. He will continue to run in trials and will also test in the SA-Elite Versatile Test later this yea




Lola (Bhulisa Gundula J) is a strong contender in field trials in any venue or competition. Most recently she placed 2nd in the 2023 WCFTC British Breed Championship Stake. In 2021, she won 1st place in the Western Cape HPR Field Trial and placed 3rd in the HPR National Championship. She still has many years of trialling to go! She is owned by Rooies Dorland. See pedigree…



Flight (FT Ch Gamehunters Gwaihir) is a Field Trial Champion and was the 2014 HPR Dog of the Year. Most recently she placed 2nd in the Western Cape 2022 HPR Trial and won the 2019 Tvl HPR Bushveld Trial. She is a consistent performer combining brilliance with manners. With a nose and hunting ability second to none, she is a top hunting dog that always finds game no matter the terrain or circumstances. Owned by Arnold Slabbert. See pedigree…


Eva (Bhulisa Storm Berg) was the HPR Dog of the Year at the tender age of 13 months, placing in almost every event she entered. She is a big running, but honest dog that gives all. At 10 years of age, she received a Certificate of Merit in the 2022 HPR National Championship. Along the way, she has received many awards in both HPR and British Breed Trials. Owned by Rooies Dorland. See pedigree…



Stuka (FT Ch and Ch Bhulisa Busch MH) is a Field Trial Champion, having won the Western Cape HPR Trial three times, the most recent win in 2018. Shortly before being retired, he placed 2nd in the 2021 HPR National Championship! Stuka was also the first dog to pass the SAVHDA Advanced Test with a Prize 1, attesting to his versatility and brains. He is also a Show Champion. While not a flashy dog, he epitomizes the true essence of hunting versatility, brains and looks. He was owned by Rooies Dorland. See pedigree…



Taita (FT Ch (BB) and Sh Ch Gamehunters Taita of Bhulisa) won the Western Cape BB Trial in 2019 and also won 1st COM at the Central HPR Trial. He is a wonderful hunting dog and companion, and truly a natural easy developing dog. Taita has also made his mark as a sire, with many winning offspring and quality hunting companions. See pedigree…



Purdey (FT Ch and FT Ch (BB) Bhulisa Snipe) came into her own in her later years, becoming HPR Dog of the Year in 2017, winning both the Western Cape British Breed Trial and the Tvl HPR Greylingstad Trial, and placing 2nd in the WC HPR Field Trial. Thus, she is only 1 of 2 GSPs to be both an HPR and a British Breed Champion! It was an incredible year for her and her owner, Brandon Polley. She has many other awards in a variety of field trials. See pedigree…


KC (Bhulisa Lemm of Gamehunters), litter sister to Stuka, has been an amazingly consistent trial dog, in addition to being an outstanding hunting dog. She has trial awards spanning 11 years and was unlucky not to have won a trial. In 2017 she won 3rd Place at the HPR National Championship! Between her and her dam Sera (Bhulisa Serengeti), their progeny have made a significant contribution to Bhulisa! Owned by Arnold Slabbert. See pedigree…

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