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Trudi and Bob Winter

We got “our” first GSP in 1992. She was an anniversary present for Bob. We had Springer Spaniels at the time, but Bob had always wanted a pointing dog, a GSP in particular! “Katie” was a hunter’s dream come true and she and Bob became a formidable hunting team. Once I saw the incredible versatility of these dogs, and witnessed a dog on a quivering point, I was hooked!

Early days with my first GSP – Libby – in the Stormberg mountains

Few dogs of any breed could compare to Katie as an all-rounder and there were few GSPs of her quality that we had seen. We saw a need to bring more attention to what GSPs could do, and although popular upcountry they were relatively scarce in the Cape. Proven bloodlines were limited in this country at the time, being limited mainly to Bushveld type terrains. We felt that to be truly versatile in all SA hunting environments, what was required was an injection of bloodlines with greater ranging ability and stamina. Selection for those qualities and correct, true physical type – without compromising the retrieving and tracking abilities – was our goal. As such, we embarked upon a journey involving decades of identifying and importing top GSPs from the US, pioneering the use of frozen semen and improving the breed here with our efforts.

Me with Taita and Silver at the HPR Nationals
Bob with Katie, our first GSP!
Me and Ft Ch Flight

In the process we have produced multiple Field Trial HPR Dogs of the Year, Field Trial and National Champions, Show Champions and numerous dogs with Versatile Hunting Test titles. Not to mention the top hunting dogs that ourselves and others have had the privilege to own! And truly it is a privilege. We are indebted to the many breeders in the USA and Germany that have done the hard work of developing exceptional dogs and bloodlines. It has been an honour to be trusted by some to carry on their traditions here in South Africa .

A Huge Thank You to the following awesome people with awesome dogs


1995 – Dave Deioma – Dual Champion/AFC (USA) Trekker V Grunbaum MH UDX TDX
2000 – Daisy Schapheer – Von Hainholz Kennels Dual Champion/AFC (USA) Bodo vom Waldrand MH (German-bred)
2006 – Rick Hopkins and Brenda Roe – Walnut Hill Kennels – Dual Champion/AFC (USA) Gambles Odyssey Fritz MH UTII
2006 – John Rock and Dave Quindt – FC/AFC (USA) Caden’s Coupe Deville NAII
2006 – Ryan Quesenberry and Dave Quindt – National FT Champion/AFC (USA) Dunfur’s Where You Ben


2001 – Daisy Schapheer and Larry O Felt – Ch Mesquite von Hainholz (Skeet) and Mojave von Hainholz (Harley)

2004 – Rick Hopkins and Brenda Roe – Walnut Hill Kennels – Gambles Safari of Bhulisa (Gamble)

2010 – Caleb Bryson – Bryson’s Boxa GSPs – Bryson’s Bhulisa Hun (Attila)

For over 25 years, we have been involved in competitions and hunting tests, both serving on various Club committees as well as serving as Representatives for the FTLC and the NFTA. We initiated field trials for pointing breeds and spaniels in the Western Cape! Trudi is a Senior Field Trial Judge for HPRs, British Breeds and Retrievers, and a Senior Judge for the Versatile Tests for Pointing Breeds, which she was instrumental in developing and being officially recognized by the KUSA. She is also a Judge for Spaniel Trials. Both of us are both keen wingshooters!

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