Our Dogs

We have had the privilege of owning and breeding GSPs for over 25 years! During that time many wonderful dogs have come and gone – a sad consequence of their shorter lives compared to ours. There are too many to mention individually, but they all shared the traits we endeavored to produce and gave us so many happy memories. Some did not meet our expectations – but became beloved companions to someone else. The only way to make progress is to take the best forward, and that we have done. This has served us well in developing a consistently high standard of GSP.

The happy Team at Field Trials

Bob and Skeet

Me and Attila hunting in the FS

One of the most gratifying aspects of breeding is getting to meet and become friends with many of the people who get pups from us. Friendships forged in a common ground – love of the dogs, hunting, training, the outdoors, and sometimes even competition. We include their dogs as part of our family and community. Have a look at our current dogs and some of the rising stars in the making! Follow the links below.

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