Bhulisa Litters

Over the years we have, on average, only bred about one litter per year. Therefore, please call and inquire about current or planned litters well in advance! Thank you! All of our litters are registered with the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA Member 88001). > > > Current litters

Keeping all the required traits together in a breeding line of HPR/versatile dogs is no small task given what is required of these versatile hunting dogs. The breeding philosophy behind our Bhulisa GSPs reflect our dedication to producing truly versatile hunting companions: TEMPERAMENT to handle training and a variety of tasks, NOSE quality and INTELLIGENCE, HUNTING DRIVE, POINTING instinct, RETRIEVING instinct, natural GAME handle, WATER affinity, TRACKING focus, Strong NERVES and last but certainly not least, pleasant to LIVE with. In short, you want a pup that is a good companion and develops with relative ease!

How do you know these traits will be present in your pup? Unless you can see and hunt over the parents, proven bloodlines are the only way to really know what you might be getting. Over the years we have proven our dogs in every way: field trials, German versatile hunting tests, health and even dog shows (yes, we have bred show champions and best in show winners!). Most importantly, we take these dogs hunting to prove to us they have what we want. And they live with us and their families – “livability” and good temperament are non-negotiable.

If you share these ideals, maybe a Bhulisa GSP is in your future!

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